Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business objectives by providing them with the highest level of sales support while representing their brands with integrity, professionalism, and honesty, always putting their best interests first.



Comprehensive business solutions from Concept to Retail

  • Product development and sourcing solutions
  • Full-scale marketing and creative solutions through Chessfight™
  • Multi-channel sales representation in the outdoor industry
  • Tradeshow staffing and support
  • Business evaluation, strategy & financial consultation


OBSG Strives for

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional services that enable them to expand their market reach and maximize their revenue. We strive to achieve this by leveraging our years of industry experience, passion for the outdoors, commitment to excellence, and build strong long-term relationships with our clients and customers.



Bill Harris

VP of Business Development

  • 30 years of experience in the business world with over 15 years in the outdoor industry
  • Held executive level positions with companies such as Russell Athletic, T-Mobile USA, Realtree Outdoors, and Xpedition Enterprises
  • Resides on the gulf coast of Florida and enjoys spending time with family, bow hunting, and saltwater fishing

Brad Schorr

VP of Business Development

  • Over 20 years’ experience in the outdoor industry with companies such as Realtree and Xpedition Enterprises
  • Specializes in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, and creating strong relationships with our retail partners
  • Resides in Georgia with his family and enjoys hunting,  fishing, and the outdoors

Jonathan Krish

National Accounts Manager

  • Jonathan resides in KY and has over 10 years’ of experience representing brands in the outdoor industry
  • Excels in establishing and building strong partnerships with the brands and retailers he works with
  • He enjoys hunting and spending time with his family in the outdoors

Matt Thelen

National Accounts Manager

  • Matt brings over 10 years of experience in the business world and years of experience in the hunting industry
  • An emphasis on hard work, effective communication and follow-up has allowed him to build quality relationships
  • Matt resides in MN and is a Passionate & Avid Outdoorsman

Will Harris

National Accounts Manager

  • Will has over 5 years of sales experience
  • Focused on meeting the expectations of the brands and retailers he works with
  • Resides in NC and spends his off time enjoying hunting, fishing, and golf

Hunter Ryan

Regional Accounts Manager

  • Hunter has 5 years of experience in the hunting industry
  • Focused on building great relationships and having great communication skills.
  • He resides in Northeast Ohio and passionate about hunting, fishing, and enjoys college wrestling.

Kyle Barefield

Regional Accounts Manager

  • Kyle resides in TX and has over 15 years of experience representing brands in the outdoor industry
  • Excels in establishing and building strong partnerships with the brands and retailers he works with
  • He enjoys hunting, fishing, sports, and spending time with friends and family outdoors.

Kenzie Danford

Regional Accounts Manager

  • Kenzie was born and raised in Columbus, GA where she recently finished college. She is relocating to the Gulf Coast.
  • She has 2 years of retail experience and sales of lifestyle brands.
  • Kenzie’s focus is building relationships with lifestyle retail partners, and she enjoys spending time outdoors.

Jill Collins

Regional Accounts Manager

  • Jill has over 10 years’ experience in sales. 
  • Her focus is building relationships with great communication and service between customers and brands.
  • She resides in Alabama where she enjoys fishing, hiking, hunting and spending time with her two dogs.

Sally Kocurek

Business Support Manager

  • Sally brings years of administrative and operations experience to our team
  • Her graphic design skills and attention to detail are huge assets to our team
  • She resides on the gulf coast in Florida and enjoys kayaking, hiking, and the outdoors


OBSG is part of the Xpedition Enterprises Family

Xpedition Enterprises is becoming one of the most trusted names in outdoor equipment, marketing, and land management. With years of combined knowledge, our team has disrupted today’s market with affordable high-performance products and services! In addition to this, our network is continually expanding to offer partners other potential opportunities such as financial backing, media and marketing services, product development, and sourcing, in addition to many other things!

Mark Heck


  • Proven Business Track Record
  • Over 30 years in private ownership
  • Over 320+ employees 24/7/365
  • Owns 27 entities
  • 47 office locations
  • Network of 258 intermodal dealerships
  • Global grid for imports and exports
  • Software group/office in India
  • In house accounting and legal
  • Information/Software
  • Disaster recovery program duplicated in 3 states

Chris Cobbett

Executive Vice President

  • 20 years in the Outdoor Industry
  • Executive for several of the top brands during their growth phase
    Specializing in sales, marketing, management and brand acquisition
  • Passionate about outdoor lifestyle.
  • Active big game hunter, fresh and saltwater fishing, trapping and lobstering

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